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About Photography Artist Paul Velgos

I'm a professional photographer specializing in high quality cityscape, landscape and beach photography that emphasizes unique scenes and tones.


Over 20,000 licenses of my images have been purchased for use in television, books, magazines, websites, print wall decor, and much more. My images have been licensed by some of the world’s most well known businesses including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Time, ABC News, and Yahoo!. Examples of projects and clients are on the Clients page. I frequently work directly with businesses and also partner with advertising agencies, art consultants, design consultants on projects.


Why Work with Us?

Simple. we provide unique high quality images and personalized service. Photography is now more popular than ever. The amount of images available on the Internet have grown exponentially over the past several years. With that growth has come some exciting trends like unique tones and more natural subjects. But it has also has created some challenges for image buyers. Many of the recent images have been created using non-professional equipment and haven't been edited to any standard. While these images may be acceptable for certain applications they lack the high-resolution and professional standards many image buyers are accustomed to when working with photo agencies. In turn, some photo agencies struggle to grow their collections with high quality fresh content. 

My work is unique in that it blends multiple emerging trends with professional standards.

  • Professional Standards: My images meet high professional standards set by leading photography and design agencies
  • Extensive Editing: Most images are edited to remove trademarked or copyrighted objects such as building logos, imperfections such as dust spots, and distractions such as telephone wires resulting in a natural and clean appearance
  • High Resolution: All images are high resolution ranging from 21 to 150 megapixels and some are suitable for very large applications such as full wall prints or billboards
  • High Quality: Professional equipment is used resulting in sharp and detailed images that are free of noise, chromatic aberrations, and other common quality issues
  • Personalized Service: I am personally involved with all clients and projects to assure the best service


We welcome inquiries from commercial businesses as well as consumers. If you have any questions contact us with the information provided below.

Paul Velgos
Office: (219) 779-7180
Web: Contact Form

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