Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions and Policies


General Business

What are your business hours?

Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM Central Time. Closed all major USA holidays.

Where are you located?

In Northwestern Indiana near Chicago.

What is your phone number?


If I leave a message or use the contact form when should I expect a response?

Usually pretty quickly but typically within 24 hours during normal business hours.

Who are some of your customers?

Examples of business customers are available on the Clients page. Over 20,000 licenses have been sold and are used by some of the world's most recognizable names such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal, TIME, ESPN, WebMD,, Yahoo!, Consumer Reports, Marriott, and Motorola. Check out the Reviews page to see comments from print customers.


Ordering, Payment & Shipping

When I order a Digital Download how do I get access to the image file?

An email will be sent to you with a link to download the file. 

How can I be sure the print I order is authentic?

All images on this website are created by the copyright holder Paul Velgos. All prints are made-to-order at the time the order is placed using authentic Paul Velgos images.

What types of payment do you accept?

Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Where do you ship to?

Standard shipping on non-custom orders is free within the Continental United States. International shipping is available for certain products and a quote can be provided upon request.

What kind of packaging does the print come in?

Most prints come in study well-protected boxes. Larger paper prints may come rolled in tubes. Very large prints may come in wooden crates.

What if I have problems placing an order?

Use the Contact Form or call (219) 779-7180

After I place an order when will I receive my print?

The following times are for standard products after payment has been made. Custom order shipping time varies. Delivery times are estimated and not guaranteed. Longer shipping times may occur due to holidays, weather, order changes requested by the customer, or other events.      

  • Paper Prints - Estimated delivery of 1-2 weeks excluding holidays
  • Canvas Prints - Estimated delivery of 2-3 weeks excluding holidays
  • Metal Prints - Estimated delivery of 2-3 weeks excluding holidays
  • Wood Prints - Estimated delivery of 2-3 weeks excluding holidays

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes. 2nd Day and Overnight shipping are available at an additional cost upon request before placing an order. Please note that processing time varies per product and is still 2-7 business days before the product ships.

What happens if the print is lost or damaged during shipping?

We will review the situation and in most cases send a replacement at no cost to you.

Do you provide a shipping tracking number?

Yes. You will receive a shipping tracking number with your order so you can check shipping status and estimated delivery date online.

What is your policy on returns, refunds, cancellations, and exchanges?

We strive for customer satisfaction. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on standard (non-custom) print products. If you are not satisfied for any reason simply return the print within 30 days of the purchase date and upon receipt and acceptable inspection the original purchase amount will be refunded. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and any associated costs. Expedited and international shipping costs are non-refundable. Custom orders are non-returnable and non-refundable and may be exchanged once for the same product within 14 days of the purchase date. Cancellation requests must be received within one hour after placing the order. Electronic file licensing (Digital Downloads) may not be exchanged, returned, cancelled, or refunded.

Print Products

Where can I buy prints of your photos?

Print ordering is available directly through this website by going to an image page and clicking "$ Buy" button and selecting the "Buy Art Print" option.

Do you offer other types of prints such as framed prints or products like coffee mugs?

Yes. A wide variety of print products are available. Please contact us with your needs.

Do you provide services to make changes to images?

It depends on the changes needed. Please contact us with details.

How and where can I use the print?

The print can be framed and/or hung just about anywhere including your home or business office.

Can I get bigger print sizes than what's listed on your website?

In most cases yes. If you need a very large print, such as for a full size office wall, contact us with details.

I like your work but didn't find what I needed on your website. Do you have other photos available?

Yes. We have tens of thousands of photos that currently aren't available on the website. Contact us to discuss the details.


Digital Downloads & Stock Photos

Can I buy a digital download file of a photo?

Digital downloads are only available for licensing by businesses such as hotels, restaurants, art consultants, interior designers, and other types of companies. To license a digital download, navigate to the webpage of the image you're interested in, click the "$ Buy" button, and select the "Buy Download" option. After a digital download order is placed, it will be reviewed to assure it meets requirements. Once approved, an email will be sent with a link to submit payment and complete the order.

Can I buy a digital version of a photo so I can create prints and products to resell?

Please contact us with more detail.

After I purchase a digital download how do I get the file?

You will receive an email with a link where the file will be available for you to download directly to your computer.

Do you have high quality and high resolution photos?

Yes. The majority of photos were captured with professional equipment that creates high resolution files of at least 20 megapixels. Some images are over 150 megapixles. These photos can be used for the most demanding of needs such as billboards, office walls and large electronic displays. Most photos have been processed to meet extremely high quality demands of stock photography agencies. This means images are sharp, detailed, and have been processed so they are suitable for commercial advertising.

What does "One time single use" mean?

All Digital downloads include a single-use license where the image may be used one time for the terms that were selected. Meaning, if you need the image for an office building large wall mural, the license is limited to that single mural. If you would then like to use that same image for a different office building mural, you would need to purchase an additional license for the other office building.

What can digital downloads be used for?

They can be used only for the usage terms you choose. As an example, if you chose "Business", "Website" and "Up to 5", this means the image can be used for one business website in up to five different places on the website. If you later decide you would like the image to appear on more than five pages or would like to also use it on your business social media account you would need to purchase additional licensing.


Customer Usage Terms

What are your licensing and usage terms?

After I purchase a photo do I own it?

No. When you make a purchase you are buying a license for the right to use the photo for a specific purpose. Paul Velgos remains the owner and copyright holder of all images. After you license a photo, you are agreeing to use it based on the usage terms of the license you purchased.

After I buy a digital download can I upload it to social websites? (Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, etc)

If the license you purchased includes usage for social media then yes.

After I buy a digital download can I resell it?

A license to resell the work of Paul Velgos is not available on the website. You would need to contact us to determine if your reselling needs are acceptable for a custom license. Without this custom license, reselling of any type is prohibited. 

After I buy a digital download can I use the image for multiple companies or clients?

No. All images are one time single use. If you would like to use the same image for multiple companies you must purchase a digital download license for each company and usage.

After I buy a digital download can I use the image for multiple projects?

No. All images are one time single use. If you would like to use the same image for multiple projects you must purchase a digital download license for each project.

After I purchase a digital download can I give copies of images to other people to use?

No. Copying, reproducing or distributing images is not permitted.

After I receive my print can I make copies of it?

No. When you purchase a print your license includes only the single print you received. If you would like additional prints they may be purchased through this website.

After I receive my print can I scan it so I can use it for other things?

No. When you purchase a print your license includes only the print. Scanning or any other method of copying the print is not permitted.

After I receive my print can I scan it so I can enlarge it?

No. When you purchase a print your license includes only the print in the size you purchased. Scanning the print is not permitted. Larger sizes can be purchased through this website. If you need a size not listed on this website please contact us. 

After I receive my print can I make copies and sell them?

No. When you purchase a print your license includes only the print. Copying the print and selling copies of the print are not permitted. If you would like to resell prints using a Paul Velgos photo contact us to discuss the details.


Copyright Information

What does Copyright mean?

Copyright is a legal form of protection that allows the owner of work (photo, document, etc) to authorize if and how the work can be used. As soon as someone takes a photo they are the legal owner of the photo and can specify how the photo can, or cannot, be used. It is illegal and punishable by law for someone to copy a photo or use it without the owner's permission. More detail on copyright specific to the United States is available through this document from the US Government.

What does Copyright Infringement mean?

Copyright infringement in general is using copyrighted material (e.g. photos, video, etc) without permission from the copyright holder. Here are several examples of illegal copyright infringement. 

  • You're a real estate agent, find an image on the internet that you like, copy it, and display it on your real estate website.
  • You find an image on the internet, copy it, and use it for your personal social media account header photo.
  • You properly license a photo from the copyright holder with terms to use the photo only for a website but then you use the photo to create an art print for your house.

Can I use any photos I find on the Internet for free?

It depends but in most cases, no. A common misconception is that all photos on the Internet are "public domain" or "free" and can be copied and used for any purpose. Copying and using any photo without permission by the copyright holder is considered copyright infringement which is illegal and punishable by law.

If I find an image on the Internet that doesn't have a watermark or copyright symbol © it's not copyrighted and I'm free to use it right?

In most cases, no. For United States copyright law, the moment a person takes a picture they automatically become the copyright holder. Watermarks and copyright symbols are usually added to photos as a deterrent to prevent photos from being copied. If a photo doesn't have a watermark or copyright symbol that doesn't mean it's not copyrighted.

What if I copy a photo and use it without permission?

You are risking legal action from the copyright holder which can include extremely high financial penalties.

Can I copy photos from your website or anywhere else I find them?

No. All photos by Paul Velgos are copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason. If you would like to use a photo you must purchase a print or digital download license.

Can I use your photos for free?

No. If you would like to use a photo you must purchase a license such as a print or digital download.



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