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Digital Image Licensing & Stock Photography

Many images on can be available for commercial licensing by navigating to an image and clicking the Buy License icon. Images are frequently licensed for corporate websites, magazine advertising, newspaper articles, custom printing, and much more. Over 20,000 licenses have been purchased by companies such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Time, ABC News, Yahoo!, and many more. Clients and examples of how they used images can be found on the Clients page.


Rights Managed License

A Rights Managed License grants usage for a single company or person for a specific purpose for the specified period of time.

  • Use Type
    • Business - Advertising: Digital and Print – Use in websites, social media, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, tradeshow booths, billboards, or any other type of digital or print media for the purpose of promotional advertising.
    • Business - Broadcast: Use in television, movie, film, or other non-promotional broadcast media.
    • Business - Corporate: Digital or Print – Use for internal presentations, annual reports, newsletters, intranets, or other digital and print non-promotional purposes.
    • Business - Editorial: Digital or Print – Use in books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, or other digital and print media for non-promotional editorial purposes
    • Business - Multi-Use Package – Use for a single company that includes Advertising, Broadcast, Corporate, Editorial, and Products. Does not include Decor or Personal Use.
    • Business or Personal - Prints and Decor: Use for creating prints, wall murals, or other commercial or home decor for non-promotional purposes. Does not include resale such as for reselling prints.
    • Business - Products: Digital or Print – Use in product packaging for electronic applications, music, videos, retail products, and other product display. Does not include reselling products like shirts, puzzles, prints, or other resale products
    • Personal Use – Non-business low resolution usage for non-commercial blogs, Facebook header, wedding invitations, computer/phone wallpaper, and other non-revenue generating purposes.
  • Usage Quantity: One-Time Single-Use License – Includes one time usage. As an example purchasing a Broadcast usage would mean the image could be used in one television show or movie. Using the same image in a different television show or movie would require purchasing a different license.
  • Usage Territory – By default this is Worldwide which means the image can be used in any country throughout the world.
  • License Type: Single Company/User License – Includes usage by a single company or person. In the case of a designer or agency, a single end-client company.

Royalty Free License

A Royalty Free License grants usage for a single company or user for an unlimited amount of time for any type of usage except reselling of products.